Film Recording for Archiving

Gotham is proud to manufacture archival film protection assets from up to 8K digital files. We produce archival 35mm footage such as Black and White YCM/RGB separations, ensuring the preservation of cinematic treasures for generations to come.

Digital footage is recorded frame by frame onto intermediate film. The result is new preservation elements that capture the full value of media content for over 100 + Years.

Movies hold a significant place in our cultural heritage, reflecting the history, art, and narratives of our societies throughout time. Contact us today to discuss how we can ensure the integrity of your content for generations to come. In the realm of long-term film preservation, Black and White YCM separations play a pivotal role in safeguarding the visual integrity and value of media.

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Investment Protection

For studios and cultural institutions, investing in YCM separations safeguards the value of media content, allowing assets to retain their integrity and commercial viability for potential re-releases, restorations, or future adaptations.

Gotham Photochemical, Gotham Industries, Digital Film Recorder, Precise Color Preservation
Precise Color Preservation

Black and White Separations ensure each color channel (Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta) is individually captured and preserved, providing an unparalleled level of accuracy in color reproduction. This guarantees the film’s original color information remains intact over time, preventing color fading and degradation.

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As technology advances, YCM separations future-proof your film against obsolescence. They serve as an essential bridge that allows for adaptation to newer formats and color grading techniques, preserving the film’s essence regardless of technological changes.