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8K | 6K | 4K | 2K

Film Scanning & Wet Gate Scanning

Gotham offers professional 16-Bit film scanning of 35mm/16mm film in 8K/6K/4K/2K to DPX, ProRes HD/2K/4K, etc. We can also author content to multiple formats to simplify your editorial workflow.

On request Gotham can use professional restoration tools such as wet-gate systems for any project, removing critical film damage such as scratches.

Gotham does not settle for anything less than the highest image quality possible. We can meet the demands of any project by determining early which system is right for your particular job.

is available for:

  • 8mm
  • Super 8mm
  • 16mm
  • Super 16mm
  • Ultra 16mm
  • 35mm 2-Perf
  • 35mm 3-Perf
  • 35mm 4-Perf
  • 35mm VistaVision 8-Perf
  • 65/70mm 5-Perf
  • 65/70mm 8-Perf
  • 65/70mm 10-Perf
  • 65/70mm 15-Perf


Gotham Photochemical, Motion Picture Film Scanning, Arriscan Plus Archival Gate

ARRISCAN + Archival Gate

The industry standard. Battle Tested and Globally Respected in D.I. & Archival Preservation.

From ARRI: “The ARRISCAN leverages the full possibilities of analog film with unparalleled dynamic range and resolution. The beauty of the ARRISCAN is that it delivers a complete digital replica of the negative film.”

Fully customizable for Post-Production and Archive.

Gotham Photochemical, Motion Picture Film Scanning, iMagica Imager XE Advanced Plus

iMAGICA Imager XE Advanced Plus

10K + iMAGICA Archival Wetgate | 16mm, 3-4 perf 35mm, 8-perf Vistavision

A 10K Pin Registered CCD line array system from iMAGICA Corp. of Japan. From iMAGICA: “The IMAGER XE ADVANCED with the 10K CCD is capable of scanning full-frame 4-Perforation 35mm at 8192×6144, 4096×3112 pixels, and 8-Perforation 35mm (VistaVision) at 6144×4096 pixels. This can be down-sampled to 2K while still retaining the quality of 4K.”

iMAGICA Wet Gates are available for 16-Bit Scanning of Shrunken and Compromised Materials.

Gotham Photochemical, Motion Picture Film Scanning, Lasergraphics Director Film Scanner


The Director 10K scanning system produces high-resolution files from 35mm and 16mm film. Utilizing pinless film gates is a natural choice for archival projects. The Director is ideal for Digital Intermediate, VFX, restoration & preservation.

Gotham Photochemical, Motion Picture Film Scanning, Spirit 4K Datacine Film Scanner


Indestructible. The industry standard for dailies and cost-efficient 4K Scanning. 4K Line Array for high-speed transfers. Formats: 16mm, 2-Perf, 3-Perf, 4-Perf, 8-Perf VistaVision 35mm.

From DFT: “The Spirit 4K® from DFT Digital Film Technology is a high-performance, high-speed Film Scanner and DataCine® solution for Digital Intermediate, Commercial, Telecine, Restoration, and Archiving applications.”

Gotham Photochemical, Motion Picture Film Scanning, Filmfabriek Muller HDS 4K scanner


8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm

The Filmfabriek HDS+ scanner is suitable for razor-sharp scanning of old film material. Equipped with advanced Wetgate technology, frames are digitized effortlessly, one by one. Adjustable tension control for fragile film Image output without compression for best quality.

Gotham Photochemical, Motion Picture Film Scanning, Filmlight Northlight NL1 plus film scanner

FILMLIGHT Northlight NL1+

Shrunken Sprockets & Archival Gate. Trusted around the globe for decades.

From FILMLIGHT: “The Northlight matches—and surpasses—the requirements of the feature film industry as it embraces 4K workflow and digital cinema projection. Featuring a Trilinear 6K Color CCD.”

Gotham Photochemical is committed to maintaining the highest quality motion picture film services in the world.


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